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Allen-Bradley PLC Repair

Allen-Bradley PLCs Repaired Effectively

Serving as the flagship product brand at Rockwell Automation, Allen-Bradley is one of the most recognizable industrial automation brands. Rockwell Automation is considered one of the largest companies in the world dedicated to industrial automation. With Allen-Bradley on board, the company continues to manufacture excellent automation industrial devices and integrated control systems. ICR’s extensive knowledge and expertise with Allen-Bradley PLC keeps our customers production lines running smoothly.

Allen Bradley PLC Repair - SLC5 1746-OX8 Output Module, Input Module, & 1746-NIO41 Analog Combination IO Module

Allen-Bradley Series PLCs









SLC 500

Allen-Bradley PLC Repair and Testing

Determining Failure
Prior to repair, we use Allen-Bradley software when testing each unit to ensure accuracy and pinpoint failure.
Family Rack System Testing
ICR technicians connect repaired Allen-Bradley PLCs to the family rack system to ensure compatibility and proper communications throughout our testing procedure.
Trap Style Testing Software
We run each Allen-Bradley PLC with our trap style testing. We use this test to mimic a transmission and distribution system.
Custom built with OEM equipment
Each repaired Allen-Bradley PLC unit is tested with OEM equipment.
Allen Bradley PLC Repair - ControlLogix 1756