AdeptOne Robot and MV Controller by Adept Technologies

ICR Services Repairs AdeptOne Series Robots

The AdeptOne robot by Adept Technologies debuted in 1984 to become the world’s first direct-drive robot and operate without a gearbox. The innovative features and overall design of the AdeptOne powered a growing robots industry. Other companies would try to replicate the precision and high-performance of the AdeptOne into their future designs. ICR Services excels at refurbishing these legacy robots with our world-class repair procedures. Robotic technicians at ICR Services possess years of experience repairing Adept robots and controllers.

AdeptOne Robot by Adept

Adept’s AdeptOne Robot and MV Controller

Supported Parts

  • AdeptOne/MV Robot FAB-0390-1091C PC Board Panel 5Channel
  • AdeptOne/MV Robot 10337-15200 A Amplifier
  • AdeptOne/MV Robot 10338-00180 Dual B1 Amplifier
  • AdeptOne/MV Robot 30330-25000 Rack
  • AdeptOne/MV Robot 10330-00375 Panel Board
  • AdeptOne/MV Robot 10133-11000 Teach Pendant
  • AdeptOne/MV Robot 5136-SD-VME Link Interface

Supported Modules

  • AdeptOne/MV Robot 10332-00712 Processor Module 040
  • AdeptOne/MV Robot 30330-12350 SIO Module
  • AdeptOne/MV Robot 10330-10200 VGB Module
  • AdeptOne/MV Robot 10330-00500 VJI Module
  • AdeptOne/MV Robot 10330-00400 VMI Module