Adept Cobra i600 Robot

Cobra i600 Robot by Adept Technologies

ICR Services Repairs Cobra Series Robots

The Adept Cobra i600 is a 4-Axis SCARA-based robot built to efficiently work through a variety of applications. These productive robots commonly are found within facilities featuring mechanical assembly, material handling or packaging, tending machines or even screw driving. The Adept Cobra i600 boasts a built-in amplifier and motion controller all-in-one affordable, high-performance robot.

Adept’s Cobra i600 Robot

Supported Parts

  • Cobra/ i600 04900-000 Servo Amplifier AIB
  • Cobra/ i600 10332-11000 Teach Pendant
  • Cobra/ i600 20000-310 Smart Controller CX
Adept Cobra i600 Robot