25 Years of Bringing Excellence to Automation

On Friday, September 29, 2017, ICR held an open house for its customer base to commemorate a diverse, minority-owned business that’s supported manufacturers large and small since 1992. Helping ICR celebrate the occasion was Mobsteel, a design/build company that manufactures automotive aftermarket products and builds custom cars in Detroit. Adam Genei, owner of Mobsteel and…Read more

Renewing Vestas and GE Turbine Life with Intelligent Engineering

Superior Vestas and GE Turbine Support ICR Services provides intelligent engineering paired with precision electronic and mechanical repair to restore the critical control system parts within Vestas and GE wind turbines. Intelligent engineering at ICR delivers unparalleled turbine control system support with in-house designed and built specialized testing equipment. With our GE Mark VIe UCSA…Read more

GE’s UCSA-H1A Mark VIe Processor

ICR supports GE 1.5 and 1.6 ESS Wind Turbines The GE Mark VIe Processor operates within a platform known for its flexibility to handle multiple applications. Through the Mark VIe Distributed Control system, the processor allows high-speed data to flow within a controlled network and allows a multitude of systems to run efficiently. ICR’s customers…Read more

Mitsubishi Servo Repairs and Testing

Mitsubishi MDS Series Drives and HF Series Motors Restored CNC Machines within applications that cut, grind, mill, drill and other types of complex machining rely on Mitsubishi motors and drives. These sophisticated industrial parts require proper testing to ensure that each repaired unit can handle the rigorous conditions they operate within. ICR understands that demands…Read more

Why Preventative Maintenance is essential

Manufacturing facilities need preventative maintenance Within an industrial factory setting, unexpected breakdowns, and premature equipment failure can occur along any of the production lines or robotic cells as the massive amount of industrial equipment in use needs to operate smoothly. Avoiding any possible risk of failure is imperative for any manufacturing facility. When downtime hits…Read more

Kinetix 5500 Series by Allen-Bradley

Bulletin 2198 Kinetix® 5500 Servo Drives Repaired by ICR Services ICR’s electronic repair technicians begin repairing Allen-Bradley servo drives by replacing the fans and aged capacitors. Next, they work on repairing any defective power components like transistor modules and pre-drivers. They then rebuild the unit and connect it to our testing system to verify communications…Read more