The Fanuc RJ3iB controller

How ICR added a 7th axis mode to it’s Fanuc Test System ICR’s expert technicians have possessed the capability to provide repair services for the Fanuc RJ3iB but have recently expanded those capabilities. ICR will now be able to offer testing for the controller to operate in a seventh axis mode. The expanded capacity comes…Read more

Connecting Industrial Automation

The internet of things, industrial automation and Ethernet connections The Internet of Things. Have you heard the phrase before? Add the word Industrial and the buzzword has entered the lexicon of those within the industrial automation industry. defines it as: The Internet of Things (IoT) is a scenario in which objects, animals or people…Read more

Lincoln Electric Welders

How ICR repairs and tests Lincoln Electric welder parts ICR’s in-house engineering department developed the repair capabilities to service Lincoln Electric’s Power Wave line of welders including the Power Wave 455 welder, Power Wave 455M welder, and the Power Wave 450R welder. Our standard repair process includes a thorough cleaning, followed by repair of any…Read more

The value of safety light curtains

Why light curtains provide immense value The safety of personnel is of the utmost importance to all, but when it comes to industrial systems, it’s even greater. Light Curtains, also called light screens or optical guards, are a useful technique of safeguarding personnel around industrial equipment. A Light Curtain uses a photoelectric transmitter that projects…Read more

WindPower 2015

ICR exhibited at AWEA’s WINDPOWER 2015 Conference in Florida WINDPOWER is the annual conference and exhibition for the U.S. wind energy industry. Hosted by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), it’s the best place to see what’s currently happening in the wind industry. The event in 2015 took place in Orlando, Florida, focusing on what…Read more

CNC Preventive Maintenance

Why CNC routers require preventive maintenance When a CNC router or a CNC mill shuts down, there are a few critical issues that may have occurred within the CNC control system. Brake pads will wear down often, and technicians will usually check this area first. Then they will move on to the axis motors on…Read more