Field Service Cabinet Cleaning

Field Service

Field service offered by ICR Includes

On-site, on-demand field service

At some point in their lifecycle, all industrial equipment requires repair or refurbishment, regardless of size or functionality. The equipment’s size becomes a factor when necessary repairs require the equipment being shipped to a repair facility. Cost and delivery can quickly become issues during this process. To combat these issues and keep repair cost-effective, ICR’s Field Service team specializes in performing on-site repairs, implementing preventative maintenance programs, and implementing advanced manufacturing engineering solutions.

Field Service Robotics

ICR Field Service Advantages

Extensive Network

ICR has factory-trained engineers located across North America. The availability of our engineers helps minimize downtime and maximize the productivity of all systems.

Process Analysis

ICR can fix, or provide tweaks to a factory’s process. From cycle time to scrap problems, ICR implements effective processes to meet every individual need.

Calibration Adjustment

Let our Field Service engineers perform calibration measurements and gain peace of mind.