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Robot Preventative Maintenance

Prolong robot life-cycles with robot preventative maintenance

Industrial robotic manufacturers recommend preventative maintenance programs for machines due to their heavy usage and the harsh environments they operate within. ICR’s robotics division refurbishes, sells, and purchases industrial robotics throughout the year. Our expert field service teams employ robotic technicians and engineers equipped to maintain your industrial robots on-site. The following benefits are provided through ICR’s robot preventative maintenance program and completed per OEM specifications:

All programs include:

  • Purging and replacing lubricants, reducers, and gearboxes
  • Verification of zero position mastering
  • Mechanical wear and damage inspection
  • Changing Controller and Robot batteries

Robot Preventative Maintenance Programs Offered

Robot Controller

  • Blowout/Vacuum Control cabinet
  • Cleaning and inspection of ventilation/Fan unit
  • Cleaning and inspection of transformer compartment
  • Replacing the Filter, if applicable
  • Replacement of the battery

Robot Manipulator

  • Replacement of the Axis Reducer and Gear Box grease
  • Greasing the axis cross roller bearings, bushings, and joint bearings
  • Checking for defective seals and oil leaks
  • Replacement of the battery pack

Extra Robot Manipulator Services

  • Wiping down manipulators
  • Wiping down cabinets
  • Inspecting cables and connectors for damage
  • Re-seating all internal and external cables
  • Cleaning the Teach Pendant
  • Cleaning the Teach Pendant cable
  • Tightening all internal connections