ABB IRC5 M2004 Controller

ABB IRC5 Level 1 and 2 Operations, Setup, Programming and Troubleshooting

ICR’s ABB focused course relies on in-depth, hands-on exercises to teach students necessary robotic skills. These skills include robot operation, programming, root cause system troubleshooting, recovery and efficient teach pendant navigation. We also highlight core robotic concepts such as coordinate systems, tool center point verification, routine selection, use of the program pointer, cursor and understanding program flow. After completion of this course, students will possess basic techniques for improving and validating cycle time.

ABB IRB 6640 Robot Wrist

ABB IRC5 Course Highlights

Course Details

  • Hands-on training and course delivery from knowledgable instructors
  • Course materials include skills list, terminology, theory, and procedures for setup, operation and recovery
  • Comprehensive lab activities and hands-on time with ABB robotic equipment
  • Pre/Post Test Learning Assessment
  • Certificates of completion at the end of each course
  • Breakfast and Lunch provided each day
ABB IRC5 M2004 Controller

Gain valuable production floor experience

Additional instruction will provide students with knowledge of robot communication methods, input and output types and program instructions that are critical for operation and troubleshooting. Valuable experience will be gained through robot calibration verification, rev Counter updates, motor / arm calibration methods. We also make sure to cover file utilities, backup & restore functions and root cause troubleshooting methods to minimize positional, and program changes to eliminate unnecessary downtime, plus hot edits for making minor adjustments to positions while in automatic mode.

ABB IRB2400 Robot- Arm View

ABB IRC5 Robotic Training Topics

  • Safety
  • Systems Components
  • Control Panel and Status Indicators
  • FlexPendant Navigation
  • Coordinate Systems
  • Efficient Jog Methods
  • Fault Recovery and Event Log
  • Routine Selection & Cycling
  • Program Pointer and Cursor
  • Basic and Offset Motion Instructions
  • Commonly Used Program Instructions
  • Application Specific Commands
  • System Troubleshooting
  • Data Types and Uses
  • Routines vs Modules
  • Modifying positions
  • TCP adjust vs position modification
  • Basic Program Editing, Hot Edits
  • Auto mode Preparation & Recovery
  • Troubleshooting using I/O
  • Tool Center Point, Setup/Verify
  • Rev Counter updates, Calibration
  • Backup and Restore Utilities