Fanuc Robotic Training

All-inclusive robotic services from ICR

We provide Fanuc robotic training as a courtesy to our customers. We have a range of packages to offer with any robotic refurbishment or robot sales purchase. Our training staff possess over 30 years of knowledge gained working within the field of robotics. Training is essential to a productive plant floor and ICR Services can help.

ICR offers the most comprehensive training programs available that enables participants to work efficiently and effectively with automated equipment. Application specific robotics training is available for material handling, sealing, spot & arc welding.

Fanuc Robot Training Cells

Fanuc Robotic Training for ICR Customers

RJ series robots

RJ2 series

RJ-3 series

RJ3iB series

R30iA series

R30iB series

Level 1 Operations, basic troubleshooting 2-day training course

  • Safety

  • Teach pendant navigation, menus and use of quick keys

  • System Components, Control Panel, Teach Pendant Navigation, Shortcut Keys, Status Indicators & Fault Recovery

  • Jogging and Understanding Basic Motion Types and coordinate systems to speed recovery & Point Touchup

  • Program Selection & Cycling, Understanding Program Structure and Program Instructions

  • Monitoring Inputs & Outputs for Troubleshooting

  • Automatic Mode Preparation and recovery from line stoppages, accessing the alarm screen for error codes and robot recovery

Level 2 Programming, basic troubleshooting 2.5-day training course

  • Basic Program Editing, Common Instructions, program development and testing

  • Macros, Macro Table & Manual Functions

  • Equipment Setup & application specific I/O

  • TCP Setup, Position Adjustment Features

  • Mastering/Fine Calibration, Single Axis Mastering

  • Backup and Restore Utilities

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