Medar 952-0844 Weld Control Testing System

ICR Repairs Medar Welding Equipment

ICR’s welder repair technicians possess extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to the Medar 952-0844 welding control system and repairing parts for the 3000 series spot welder. Our technicians are adept at providing world-class repairs and verification testing with decades of experience working around around welding equipment in both production, and repair roles,. ICR’s welder repair capabilities include MIG, TIG and Resistance/Spot welding. Our capabilities also include robotic welding cell integration, along with resistance welding training.

Medar 917-0042-917-0050 Processor

Supported Medar Welding Equipment

  • Medar 6454 Series Firing Board
  • Medar 917-0042 Processor
  • Medar 917-0050 Processor
  • Medar 937-009 Hand-Held Terminal
  • Medar 937-007 Hand-Held Terminal

How ICR tests Medar Welding Equipment

Testing Procedures

  • Thoroughly Clean Unit
  • Test parts using our 3005 test system at three different current levels
  • Test parts using the 50/60Hz Transformer with three different current levels
  • Verify Output For Each Weld
  • PM Electrolytic Caps, Battery, and Processor

MedWeld 3005 Integrated Welding Control

Medar, owned by WTC or Welding Technology Corp, produced a legacy device welding control device known as the MedWeld 3005. This powerful device came equipped with a rugged enclosure, which provided maximum protenction for the equipment and for any operating personnel. The MedWeld 3005 has been widely used for decades as a legacy device located in high-volume producing automotive plants and other manufacturing facilities.

Medar SLC500 Weld Control Module

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