Motoman Legacy XRC Series Robots

Yaskawa Motoman Robotic Parts Tested with XRC Series Robots Yaskawa robotic parts repaired by ICR undergo an extensive repair process and verification testing to ensure reliability and longevity during operation. The process involves a thorough cleaning of all potential contaminents and replacement of any aged or defective components under our internal PM directives. Our repair…Read more

Allen-Bradley SLC500 PLC Control System Repair

How ICR repairs and tests Allen-Bradley SLC500 PLC Equipment Electronic repair technicians at ICR repair Allen-Bradley PLC products including the SLC500 PLC control system. Using skills and expertise honed over decades, ICR’s technicians take great pride in restoring all repaired parts back to their original OEM settings. All of repairs by ICR Services undergo testing…Read more

Medar 952-0844 Weld Control Testing System

ICR Repairs Medar Welding Equipment ICR’s welder repair technicians possess extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to the Medar 952-0844 welding control system and repairing parts for the 3000 series spot welder. Our technicians are adept at providing world-class repairs and verification testing with decades of experience working around around welding equipment in both…Read more

Repairing Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC Equipment

How ICR repairs Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC Equipment ICR’s electronic technicians work on PLCs day-in, day-out. Their expertise repairing Allen-Bradley products extends to a rather lengthy list of capabilities, including almost all of the Allen-Bradley line of PLCs. With every PLC repair that comes through our facility, our technicians verify each part using our custom-built in-house…Read more

Motoman’s DX100 Controller Test Capabilities

ICR repairs Motoman and Yasakwa Parts ICR utilizes the Motoman DX100 controller test fixture paired with both the Motoman MS80 and S200D full-size robots to test repaired components and parts utilized within the manufacturing process. We also possess the knowledge and expertise to use these controllers and robots within any desired robotic integration projects. View…Read more

Allen-Bradley’s 1785 PLC-5 Controller System

Repaired parts tested by Allen-Bradley 1785 PLC-5 Test System ICR’s electronic technicians repair Allen-Bradley’s 1785 PLC-5® controllers with the knowledge and expertise built up over years. Backed by an testing system custom built in-house by ICR’s engineering department, ICR technicians repair these plc controllers with ease. They follow a specific and detailed process highlighted by…Read more