Allen-Bradley 1756 GuardLogix PLC repaired

In-house, engineer built PLC testing equipment ICR industrial engineers designed and built our Allen-Bradley GuardLogix testing evaluation stand. Once we receive parts from customers or prospective customer sites, ICR’s repair process begins with a thorough cleaning. If an evaluation is needed, technicians will comb over the part and determine the issues at play. Parts found…Read more

Repairing Allen-Bradley Micro800 PLC Control Systems

Restoring Allen-Bradley Micro800 Control Systems ICR’s testing system allows for verifying all repairs performed on the Micro800 series PLC controllers. The system was developed, designed and cutom-built in-house by our industrial engineering group. Our repair process includes a thorough cleaning to ensure operability after the procedure concludes. Technicians then replace any failed components featured within…Read more

Vestas wind energy expands its install base

Expanding markets Vestas, found in 1945, dipped their toes into the wind energy sector slowly with their first experimentation occurring in the late 1970’s. The first turbine prototype the company developed portrayed a giant egg whisk appearance. However, the experiment did not turn out the results needed to continue with the project. The experiment was…Read more

What are teach pendants?

Robotic Integration=Cost-Savings Integrating industrial robots into your production facility is a wise choice and a significant step to achieving automation within your manufacturing facility. The cost-savings and uptick in production will free up previously dedicated resources and allow them to work on other high-valued applications. Once the robotic system integration is complete, how do the…Read more