What is a GMAW?

Integrating a robotic welding system within a manufacturing facility comes with a decision backed by reliable data. There must be a case made to switch to automation. A robotic welding system transforms any production line with its precise welds, repeatability, and speed. Factory workers rely on welding robots to perform a the same task and…Read more

Industrial robots set records in 2015

New Records set for First Half of 2015 for Industrial Robots According to new statistics released by the Robotic Industries Association (RIA), a record 14,232 industrial robots, valued at $840 million were ordered from North American robotics companies in the first half of 2015. The record-setting number of orders was an increase of one percent…Read more

Robotic Integration Prerequisites

Five ways to effectively prepare for robotic welding integration If you’re thinking about introducing automation systems such as a robotic welding integration in your business, it can provide you with a tremendous improvement in speed and quality. However, there are certain mistakes that many businesses make when introducing the systems that can result in increased…Read more

What are teach pendants?

Robotic Integration=Cost-Savings Integrating industrial robots into your production facility is a wise choice and a significant step to achieving automation within your manufacturing facility. The cost-savings and uptick in production will free up previously dedicated resources and allow them to work on other high-valued applications. Once the robotic system integration is complete, how do the…Read more

What are robotic system integrators?

Integration occurs when facility adds automated equipment and components to their production lines. However, integration projects are complete until system optimization occurs. Robotic system integrators development of programming processes and properly outfitting equipment is essential for an integration to be successful. Typically, industrial robots are used to achieve an automated production cell as they can produce a…Read more

Fanuc’s S-430iW Robot

Fanuc S-430iW Robot Test System featuring the RJ3 Controller ICR recommends and sells the S-430iW paired with the Fanuc R-J3 controller. As a third generation controller, the R-J3 is a reliable piece of equipment that features an open architecture system. System integration becomes simplified from this end, which allows for improved performance and handling. ICR technicians…Read more