Motoman Legacy MRC and ERC Series Robots

Legacy Motoman Robots Repaired by ICR The pre-Motoman series controllers featured the now defunct Yasnac moniker on a few controllers including the MRC and ERC versions. ICR’s robotics division serves as a Motoman Strategic Partner for integration projects. With the knowledge and expertise derived from the countless completed projects robotic parts repaired by ICR return…Read more

Robotic Wrists Repaired by ICR

ABB, Fanuc, Motoman and Kawasaki Robotic Wrists ICR’s mechanical repair techicians possess a the capabilities to repair a host of mechanical products. They also utilize a diverse set of skills that provide for the ability to repair and refurbish robotic wrists. Crucial to the industrial automation during manufacturing, these parts become mission critical during operation…Read more

Fanuc’s R-30iB Controller Test System

Testing repaired Fanuc Robotic parts with the R-30iB Controller ICR’s electronic technicians utilize Fanuc’s R-30iB controller paired with an M-10iA robot. Applications like assembly, packaging, material removal, part transfer and dispensing utilize the high-performance of Fanuc’s robot and controller pair. Fanuc Robotic parts repaired by ICR undergo an extensive process that fixes defects, and replaces…Read more

Automotive Automated Robotic Welding Cell

How ICR designed and built a robotic welding cell An automotive stamping company approached ICR’s robotic engineers about designing and developing a robotic welding cell. This cell would boost the high production welding of their finished steel stamings of proprietary parts. The company sought out a robotic integration provider with strong internal resources for availability…Read more