7 Weld Power Source Perils to Avoid

Practical Tips for Lincoln Power Wave Users Unknown repeatable issues or intermittent weld failures holding you back? Take charge, know the source, and get things under control. Make best use of your Lincoln Power Wave by following these 7 monthly inspections for better looking and higher quality welds. Filters Just Need Some Fresh Air Heat…Read more

WT6000 Medium Frequency DC Welding Control GEN6

Repairing Resistance Welding Equipment Since 1992 Powered by proprietary GEN 6 technology, the WT6000 Medium Frequency DC Control provide a customized programming experience for welding processes. The flexible platform operates with assistance from a built-in set of diagnostic tools. This set-up allows for a precise process control and support for your resistance welding applications. As…Read more

Automotive Automated Robotic Welding Cell

How ICR designed and built a robotic welding cell An automotive stamping company approached ICR’s robotic engineers about designing and developing a robotic welding cell. This cell would boost the high production welding of their finished steel stamings of proprietary parts. The company sought out a robotic integration provider with strong internal resources for availability…Read more

Medar 952-0844 Weld Control Testing System

ICR Repairs Medar Welding Equipment ICR’s welder repair technicians possess extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to the Medar 952-0844 welding control system and repairing parts for the 3000 series spot welder. Our technicians are adept at providing world-class repairs and verification testing with decades of experience working around around welding equipment in both…Read more

Robotic Integration Prerequisites

Five ways to effectively prepare for robotic welding integration If you’re thinking about introducing automation systems such as a robotic welding integration in your business, it can provide you with a tremendous improvement in speed and quality. However, there are certain mistakes that many businesses make when introducing the systems that can result in increased…Read more

The popularity of Resistance Welding

Resistance Welding and How it Applies to Modern Industrial Automation Resistance welding is a process that utilizes electrically-produced heat as well as pressure in order to connect two separate materials. Although these specific processes generally refer to bonding metals, resistance welding can also pertain to plastic bonding as well. When done correctly, this kind of…Read more