Lincoln Electric Welders

ICR is an Authorized Lincoln Electric Repair Center

Lincoln Electric’s popular line Power Wave series welders include the Power Wave 455 welder, Power Wave 455M welder, and the Power Wave 450R welder. Each of these effective welding systems can be found throughout manufacturing facilities worldwide. ICR’s repair excellence and low warranty return rate were the driving reasons behind Lincoln Electric designating ICR as an authorized repair center years ago. Customers with Lincoln Electric welders still rely on ICR’s expertise and knowledge on restoring each welding system back to it’s original specifications.

Lincoln Electric Power Wave Series Welders

Lincoln Electric Power Wave welder test fixture

ICR’s welder process starts with each unit sent in for repair moving through our thorough cleaning procedures. Then our welding technicians work on fixing any and all detected issues from the repair report or through an evaluation process, if one is requested. After each unit is deemed repaired, technicians run through our standard set of testing procedures to verify operating condition before we send it back to our customers.

ICR’s welder testing process

  • Serial Port Using Power Wave Manager
  • ArcLink and Standard Feeder Operations
  • Using Power Feed 84 and Power Feed 10R
  • Full Load Using Welder Load Bank

Supported Lincoln Electric Welders

  • Power Wave 455M
  • Power Wave 455
  • Power Wave 455R
  • Auto Drive 4R100
  • Auto Drive 4R220
  • Auto Drive 4R90
  • Power Feed 10R
  • Power Feed 84
  • Power Feed 10M

Lincoln Electric Power Wave Series Welders

Lincoln Electric is known in many circles as the “Welding Experts” while most know about ICR from our extensive OEM authorizations, knowledge and expertise. As an authorized repair and refurbishment facility for Lincoln Electric welders, ICR technicians have performed wide-ranging jobs for their vast catalog of welding and cutting equipment. Lincoln Electric’s Power Wave 455M is an elite piece of equipment within the company’s advanced process welder line. The company boasts that the welder is ideal for welding thicker materials, often found within robotics, automated and semi-automated applications. Furthermore, Lincoln Electric says, “for those applications where heat input control, minimal distortion and reduced spatter are essential, opt for the Power Wave® 455M/STT®.”

Lincoln Electric Power Wave Series Welders 450M.jpg

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