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Repairing vs Replacing Servo Motors

Do you repair or replace a servo motor when it fails?

When a servo motor fails, it could be due to a variety of reasons. After the failure, the engine will usually produce an intense vibration, or a knocking sound echo throughout. When this happens at a plant, production grinds to a halt, downtime sends costs skyrocketing with a solution required in a short amount of time. ICR’s servo motor repair specialists will analyze the failing servo motor through our evaluation process and determine the root-cause. ICR technicians will usually look for any bearing fit issues first. A common problem, a bearing fit failure affects most electric motors. When the fittings of a bearing fits, the issue could be due to a host issues.

Common Servo Motor Issues

  • Incorrect bore
  • Improper installation
  • Bearing Seizure

Root-Cause Failure Analysis

Another issue that ICR technicians will investigate through our root-cause failure analysis will be where there is damage to any feedback devices on the servo motor. A feedback device is quite sensitive, and encoders usually have glass scales that shatter, while resolvers require windings. If the axis of rotation is not in aligned centrally, then possible damage could occur. The rotor shafts of servo motors can bend or break. To be efficient servo motors need to run “true” and often a broken shaft can occur under the armature. During production signs can be missed and isn’t usually detected until the machine is fully running.


Completing the process

Finally, the last most common failure occurrence resides with the stator. Between the rotor and stator, there is an air gap, which is quite small. If oscillation in the rotor occurs, then it will likely hit the stator lamination’s and then failure happens. When the laminations become bent, it causes high spots to rub in and then coils become pinched shorting the motor windings. Once an evaluation runs on any servo motor, options can then be considered. ICR’s repairs resemble refurbished models, but we can also attempt to source parts if needed. There are many options when it comes to servo motor remedies, but finding the right solution is ICR’s philosophy.

Row of Servo Motors

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