The Fanuc 21TB CNC System

How we repair the Fanuc 21TB CNC Controls

The Fanuc 21-TB CNC Machine is a legacy device throughout power-train plants operating a variety of machining applications. ICR repairs and verifies the Fanuc 21TB CNC machine utilizing in-house testing equipment developed by our in-house engineering division. Our equipment allows repairs technicians to verify all repairs of components related to the Fanuc 21TB system. The ICR repair process begins with cleaning and drying all components of any parts to be repaired. Any components deemed to have known issues are replaced under our PM directive, along with aged electronics, capacitors and batteries.

Supported Parts

  • A02B-0210-C041 9” CRT/MDI Unit
  • A860-0202-T001 Hand Wheel
  • A16B-2203-0040 Power Supply Built-In I/O Type A
  • A16B-3200-0020 Main CPU

The Fanuc 21TB CNC Machine

When it comes to repairing industrial equipment, ICR’s extensive knowledge base extends to a few key areas including CNC Machines and CNC Control Systems. Whether it’s re-selling CNC machine equipment, servicing machines in the field at customer sites, or repairing crucial components like CNC controls, ICR has the expertise. Known for its robotics capabilities, Fanuc manufactures CNC machines.

Fanuc 21-TB CNC Machine

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