ABB S4C+ IRB 6600 M2000A Robot

ABB M2000 robots refurbished

ICR refurbishes the ABB IRB6400 M2000 Robot and S4C+ Controller

Known as a leading supplier of industrial robots and modular manufacturing systems, ABB Group has installed more than 250,000 robots worldwide. With a large amount of used ABB industrial robots available throughout various marketplaces, purchasing a new robot doesn’t always have to be the case. Industrial robots like the ABB IRB6400 M2000 can have a lengthy lifespan if kept in working condition or attached to a thorough preventive maintenance program. Refurbished industrial robots can offer a considerable amount of benefits and value.


High Performance Robots

ABB’s high performance IRB6400 industrial robot stands out for its flexibility, reliability and safety within the marketplace. As a 6-axis robot manipulator paired with the S4C+ robot controller, the IRB6400 can produce short and precise cycle times. The robotic performance extends its ability to provide rapid change-overs and also consistently produce a high process precision for applications. With a reach of 2500 mm and payload capacity up to 120kg, the IRB6400 is an ideal selection for a variety of industrial applications. This particular model has an extensive install base, with repairable parts readily available. ICR technicians have broad experience in a wide-ranging amount of industrial robots. Technicians have the knowledge and expertise to repair or completely refurbish ABB industrial robots.

Refurbished ABB Robots

ICR’s Advantage

Purchasing a refurbished industrial robot from ICR provides immense value. Any industrial robot for sale by ICR goes through a thorough refurbishment process. The process includes oil analysis, backlash testing, thermal imaging and servo motor brake testing among other services. If you currently have an IRB6400 within your production line, ICR’s field service division also offers a thorough and detailed preventive maintenance service to maintain operational status.

Refurbished ABB Robots

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