Robotic integration provides value

Why integrating industrial robots into your facility offers value

Integrating industrial robots within manufacturing facilities across all industries took root in the 1960’s at a General Motors assembly line in New Jersey. UNIMATE became the first industrial robot and performed spot welding and also extracted die castings at the GM plant. These types of robots come in a variety of shapes and sizes, usually dependent on the industrial application. Manufacturers rely on robots due to their capacity to carry large loads, repeatability and the advantage of programming.

In the last decade based on customer feedback, ICR transitioned its robotic refurbishment expertise into providing integration services as well. With the leap into another service came new partnership opportunities. Today, ICR is an authorized systems integrator for Yaskawa Motoman and Nachi Robotics. With this distinction comes the ability to purchase new robots from these brands. With the knowledge gained from our partnership, our refurbishment capabilities have also increased for these two stellar robotics manufacturers.

While industrial robots are practical and reliable solutions for production facilities, the cost can be prohibitive for some businesses. A new robot can cost anywhere from $60,000 to $100,000, plus the cost of installation and programming or training. With smaller manufacturing players priced out of the market due to the high cost of implementation, the used and refurbished industrial robot market has taken shape over the last few decades. Used and refurbished robots usually are priced up to 50% lower than the cost of new and the value in these robots is quite immense.

With the used industrial robot market flush with inventory, small businesses globally have taken interest and moved toward integration. A recent article from CNBC alluded to this trend. The article cites a business in New York City’s South Bronx called Skyline. The company operates a custom window manufacturer and installer out of a factory in Woodbridge, New Jersey. Skyline integrated three industrial automated equipment into their manufacturing processes. Two robots, which installs the company’s rather heavy windows, make up the bulk of their automation equipment.

The article went on to cite the cost of the two robots at $20,000 apiece. The price point is right in line with our own selection of quality used and refurbished industrial robots. Furthermore, a company executive reflected on the value gained from adding industrial robots to their process.

“It allows us to be more efficient—and our plan is to buy more of these robots when we can,” said senior vice president Matt Kraus, whose profitable firm brings in about $70 million in annual revenue and employs about 350 people.

ICR’s industrial robotic inventory includes used and new robots, along with all of the components which allow for operation. Our refurbishment services follow industry standards, along with our own internal quality standards set higher than most OEMs. The used robots ICR offers are in separated by two distinct categories:


ICR thoroughly inspects the robot, controller, cables, connectors and boards for any damage and completeness. Used robots sold in “As-is” condition are typically sold without a warranty.


ICR refurbishes the entire robotic assembly, including the robot arm, controller, cables, connectors, and boards. Prior to refurbishment, the robot is thoroughly inspected for damage and completeness. Then the robot and controller are cleaned, with a purging of all grease and oil. OEM recommended lubricants are then added and old customer wiring is removed. The robot’s batteries and filter are replaced and the robot is run under a load for a minimum of 4 hours.

ICR’s robotic specialists are available Monday through Friday to discuss integration options or any refurbishment services that may be required. We also offer preventive maintenance programs to keep your current robot inventory running and operation smoothly. Request a quote or phone us at (866) 9-ROBOTS.

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