New Servo Drives hit the market

Rockwell Automation’s Allen-Bradley line announces new servo drives

Rockwell Automation’s Allen-Bradley line announced a new servo drive with a capability of achieving twin-axis functionality. They also completed a goal of reducing cabinet space requirements by up to 70%. The Allen Bradley Kinetix 5700 series servo drive aids machine-builders with reducing wiring requirements of up to 60%, which are dependent on the industrial application. Another key feature of this unit come with configuration and commissioning improvements.

Rockwell looks to court manufacturers using customized machines larger than the average size. With the innovative twin-axis addition, the company seeks to woo customers with a set-up using two separate servo drives to achieve the power requirements to hit high axis counts while performing their industrial application. These users are typically manufacturers of large custom machines.

ICR has extensive knowledge and expertise with the Allen Bradley product line. Known among industrial manufacturers as a control and PLC system stalwart, the Allen Bradley SLC 500 control system supports upwards of thousands of production facilities. Components and parts related to this system make their way through ICR services on a weekly basis. From power supply modules (#1746-P1/A) to output (1747-OB16/D)or CPU modules (1747-L524/C), our technicians have repaired and restored these devices to like-new status consistently.

Within our mechanical division industrial motor technicians have refurbished thousands of Allen Bradley products, like their Kinetix 6000 servo drive system (2094-BM02A0185) or even AC servo motors (1326AB-B720E-21-K7 or 1326AB-B420E-21-K4). Most of our expertise lie in the obsolete or harder find parts and components deep within the back catalog of most manufacturers. Our engineers have spent decades within manufacturing environments or at repair facilities nurturing their abilities to develop testing equipment designed to certify any refurbished fixed piece of equipment that leaves our premises.

Our computer lab technicians expertly refurbish multiple old Allen Bradley Panelview series. Their expertise lies in the hundreds of units that arrive and leave certified refurbished year in, year out. They’ve honed their skills over the decades and designed standard industry practices that allow ICR to be a step ahead of the competition. Aside from refurbishing touchscreen terminals and transforming CRTs to LCDs, our specialized testing equipment provides quality certification backed up with our one-year in-service warranty.

With the launch of the new twin-axis Kinetix 5700, ICR engineers will begin the research phase to begin development on providing refurbishment services for this new servo drive unit. Rockwell Automation is certainly excited about their announcement, as their press release highlights:

“The Kinetix 5700 servo drive delivers new levels of simplicity, power and space savings to help machine builders develop leaner machines and get them to market faster,” said James Grosskreuz, global product manager, Rockwell Automation. “End users also benefit from receiving high-performance machines that are easier to maintain and more flexible to enable faster changeovers.”

While ICR is widely known for our exceptional repair service, we also offer used industrial surplus equipment. As with our repair services, quality is integral to ICR’s overall mission. Staying true to our mission, all surplus products sold are tested and refurbished to a like-new status at a fraction of the cost of new. We have a wide selection of Allen Bradley products, which are either obsolete or still in production. When the cost of new isn’t attainable, our selection of goods can save customers up to 50%. If you’re looking for Allen Bradley CPU modules (1785-L60B), then check out the collection we have in stock.

If your production line features Allen Bradley products, request a quote or phone us at 586-582-1500. Our customer care specialists are here to provide support when needed.

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