ICR repairs Omron products

ICR supports various OMRON products across a few sectors

As most know a form of measurement of the degree or intensity of heat present within an environment is known as temperature. This measurement plays an especially vital role within an industrial manufacturing environment. The temperature within a manufacturing facility can fluctuate quite rapidly which not only affects the labor force, but also the machines themselves. Plants rely on safety devices of different types to monitor the overall health of the operation, plus the individual components of the entire manufacturing process at play. In order to effectively monitor an individual production line, workstation or piece of machinery or equipment control devices are needed. When checking for stable readings and ensuring a healthy operating environment, temperature controls can monitor, detect issues and assist in keeping production moving. It’s an essential tool used to control safety within a factory and reduce downtime. OMRON’s E5AX temperature controller is one such safety device that can be found within many manufacturing environments. The controller is used to control a manufacturing processes temperature through the use of an SPI protocol communication board within the device. This board utilizes the SPI (The Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc.) protocol, which is defined as the set of software commands that enable bi-directional data exchange. The data exchange occurs between a master device, or any piece of equipment in use within a factory, and multiple slave devices. The connection between the master and slave devices forms a manufacturing cell. Within the manufacturing cell, any fluctuation of temperature can throw off the process and lead to equipment malfunction. Above we mentioned how the E5AX temperature controller establishes a bridge between multiple pieces of equipment in operation. While the device seems to play a central role, it can also serve as a pass-through allowing the master device to handle processing and control the manufacturing cell’s overall process. ICR’s electronic repair division supports and provides refurbishment services for a vast majority of the top manufacturing brands of safety devices. Aside from the E5AX temperature controller (E5AX-VSS-AEC-320), ICR’s technicians possess the experience to repair Omron display’s (NSA15-TX01B-E-NSR01), power supplies (S82J-60024), AC servo motors (R88-UE40030V) and AC drives (3G3FV-A4040-CUE) or inverters (3G3JX-A2022). To determine if your OMRON product is supported by ICR’s electronic or mechanical repair divisions please request a quote. Or, request a mechanical repair or electronic repair quote as we have both options to serve you. We are also at the ready with customer advocates and specialists to answer any questions at (586) 582-1500.

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