Fanuc’s robots keep breaking records

First they developed the largest robot, now Fanuc is breaking records again!

We’ve covered FANUC Robotics on this blog in the past and described how they are one of the leading robotic manufacturers globally. The company has built a recognizable brand, most synonymous with automotive producers and stars within most automotive advertising spots littered throughout the television airwaves. Back in 2008, FANUC released the M-2000iA and declared it as the world’s largest and strongest six-axis robot.

Rich Meyer, the FANUC Robotics products manager at the time was quoted in as saying:

“The M-2000iA is the world’s largest and strongest six-axis robot. It has the longest reach and the strongest wrist – surpassing all other six-axis robots available today. The wrist strength sets a record, but more importantly, allows our customers to move large heavy parts a great distance with maximum stability.”
Now, the Japanese-based robotics manufacturer is announcing they have broken their record with the launch of the new M2000iA/2300 robot. The new robot is capable of carrying a payload capacity of 1200kg while providing a superior lifting capability over their competitors. The company boasts a few other exciting features for their new robot that keep FANUC’s record of robotics stable.

FANUC states the M-2000iA is capable of the following:

  • World’s longest vertical stroke
  • World’s longest horizontal stroke
  • World’s strongest wrist axes, with “Best-in-Class” moments

The publication Drives & Control points out that:

“The new six-axis robot, which has a reach of more than 3.7m, is designed to perform both simple and complex tasks in industries such as metals, paper, and automotive production. It has a powerful IP67-protected wrist, allowing it to twist and turn entire car bodies on their side.”
Tom Bouchier, managing director of FANUC in the UK, was quoted as saying:
“To be known as the company that has produced the strongest robot in the world isn’t just about setting new records,” says Tom Bouchier, managing director of Fanuc in the UK. “The robot is not only the strongest in the world, but it is intelligent and agile, bringing increased flexibility and productivity to the production line, as well as increasing safety and improving the welfare of employees.”

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