Allen Bradley GuardLogix

Allen-Bradley 1756 GuardLogix PLC repaired

In-house, engineer built PLC testing equipment

ICR industrial engineers designed and built our Allen-Bradley GuardLogix testing evaluation stand. Once we receive parts from customers or prospective customer sites, ICR’s repair process begins with a thorough cleaning. If an evaluation is needed, technicians will comb over the part and determine the issues at play. Parts found within the 1756 GuardLogix series have ventured through ICR facilities in the past, therefore, an evaluation is not required, and the repair begins.

Allen Bradley GuardLogix

ICR’s Allen-Bradley 1756 GuardLogix System Testing

Supported Components

  • Allen-Bradley L61S GuardLogix Processor
  • Allen-Bradley L62S GuardLogix Processor
  • Allen-Bradley L63S GuardLogix Processor
  • Allen-Bradley L71S GuardLogix Processor
  • Allen-Bradley L72S GuardLogix Processor
  • Allen-Bradley L73S GuardLogix Processor
Allen-Bradley 1756 GuardLogix Test Fixture

Allen-Bradley’s CompactLogix and GuardLogix controllers

The control of safety operations is integral to the manufacturing process. The controllers utilize a control engine built within a development environment that allows control of a particular application. A favorite feature of these controllers found within the programming software allows a tight integration between the controller and I/O modules. During normal operation, the controller reduces the development time and also cost at commissioning. Integrating safety, motion, discrete and drive capabilities within a single controller, and installed plant-wide to run a machine or any safety application provides cost-effective solutions.

Common Applications

  • Automotive Plants
  • Consumer Products
  • Oil & Gas facilities

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