Allen-Bradley PLC5 System

Allen-Bradley’s 1785 PLC-5 Controller System

Repaired parts tested by Allen-Bradley 1785 PLC-5 Test System

ICR’s electronic technicians repair Allen-Bradley’s 1785 PLC-5® controllers with the knowledge and expertise built up over years. Backed by an testing system custom built in-house by ICR’s engineering department, ICR technicians repair these plc controllers with ease. They follow a specific and detailed process highlighted by the following:

1785 PLC-5® Repair Process

  • Thoroughly Clean Unit
  • Test Inputs/Outputs For Each Module
  • Each Module Undergoes a minimum of a 2 Hour Burn-in Test
Allen-Bradley PLC5 Test System

ICR’s Allen-Bradley PLC5 Test Fixture

Supported Components

  • Allen-Bradley 1785-L25’S, L30’S, L40’S, L60’S, L80’S Processors
  • Allen-Bradley 1771-OVN, IVN, OBN, IBN, IBD, OBD, IAD, OAD, OW16, IA, OA, OW, OZ, IB, OB Digital Input Output
  • Allen-Bradley 1771-IFE, 1771-OFE2 Analog
  • Allen-Bradley 1771-ASB, 1791-16AC, 1791-24A8 Adapters
  • Allen-Bradley 1771-P7, P4S Power Supply
Allen-Bradley PLC5 System

The Allen-Bradley 1785 PLC-5® controller

Allen-Bradley’s plc controllers come equipped in a variety of different I/O capacities and memory sizes. They feature on-board universal remote I/0 scanner ports along with the ability to add-on optional communication modules. These feature-packed plc controllers have been announced as being decommissioned by Allen-Bradley and will no longer be available for pruchase after June 2017. ICR’s ability to provide quality repairs and follow OEM specifications allow customers to enjoy warranty backed service, extending the life of current production systems.


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