Repairing Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC Equipment

How ICR repairs Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC Equipment

ICR’s electronic technicians work on PLCs day-in, day-out. Their expertise repairing Allen-Bradley products extends to a rather lengthy list of capabilities, including almost all of the Allen-Bradley line of PLCs. With every PLC repair that comes through our facility, our technicians verify each part using our custom-built in-house testing systems. Allen-Bradley ControlLogix equipment is no different and each repaired item undorgoes our efficient procedure. With every repaired part, we also deliver peace of mind with a one-year, in-service warranty.

Allen Bradley ControlLogix 1756

Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Processors

  • 1756-L53 Processor
  • 1756-L55 Processor
  • 1756-L61 Processor
  • 1756-L62 Processor
  • 1756-L63 Processor
  • 1756-L73 Processor

Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Adapters

  • 1756-DNB Adapters
  • 1756-CNB Adapters
  • 1791-16BO Adapters
  • 1794-ACN15 Adapters
  • 1794-IB16 Adapters
  • 1794-OB16 Adapters

Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Digital Input/Output Modules

  • 1756-IB16 Digital Input Output Modules
  • 1756-OB16 Digital Input Output Modules
  • 1756-IA16 Digital Input Output Modules
  • 1756-OA16 Digital Input Output Modules
  • 1756-OW16 Digital Input Output Modules
  • 1756-IB32 Digital Input Output Modules
  • 1756-OB32 Digital Input Output Modules
  • 1756-OX8I Digital Input Output Modules

How ICR Tests Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC Equipment

Testing Process

  • Thoroughly Clean Unit
  • Test Inputs/Outputs For Each Module
  • PM Aged Components
  • Each Module Undergoes Min. 2 Hour Burn-in Test
Allen-Bradley ControlLogix5000 Test Fixture

Allen-Bradley’s ControlLogix Control Systems

These PLC control systems operate from a common control engine within development environment that’s relatively easy to program and provide a high-performance experience. The system features tight integration between the programming software, controller, and I/O modules. This impressive feature provides cost savings through reduced development time and stability during normal operation.

Allen-Bradley GuardLogix Processors

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