Allen-Bradley SLC500 System

Allen-Bradley SLC500 PLC Control System Repair

How ICR repairs and tests Allen-Bradley SLC500 PLC Equipment

Electronic repair technicians at ICR repair Allen-Bradley PLC products including the SLC500 PLC control system. Using skills and expertise honed over decades, ICR’s technicians take great pride in restoring all repaired parts back to their original OEM settings. All of repairs by ICR Services undergo testing procedures with our custom built, in-house designed, testing systems. We also back our repairs with a one-year, in-service warranty.

Allen Bradley SLC500 Analog Combination IO Module

Supported Allen-Bradley SLC500 Equipment

Allen-Bradley SLC500 Adapters, Processors, and Power Supplies

  • 1747-SN Adapters
  • 1747-SDN Adapters
  • 1791-8B8P Adapters
  • 1794-ASB Adapters
  • 1794-IB10X0B6 Adapters
  • 1747-5/01 Processors
  • 1747-5/02 Processors
  • 1747-5/03 Processors
  • 1747-5/04 Processors
  • 1747-5/05 Processors
  • 1747-L Processors
  • 1746-P1 Power Supplies
  • 1746-P2 Power Supplies
  • 1746-P4 Power Supplies

Allen-Bradley SLC500 Input/Output Modules

  • 1746-NI4 Analog Input/Ouput Module
  • 1746-IB16 Digital Input/Output Module
  • 1746-OB16 Digital Input/Output Module
  • 1746-IB32 Digital Input/Output Module
  • 1746-OB32 Digital Input/Output Module
  • 1746-IV16 Digital Input/Output Module
  • 1746-OV16 Digital Input/Output Module
  • 1746-IA16 Digital Input/Output Module
  • 1746-OA16 Digital Input/Output Module
  • 1746-OW16 Digital Input/Output Module
  • 1746-IA8 Digital Input/Output Module
  • 1746-OA8 Digital Input/Output Module
  • 1746-IO12 Digital Input/Output Module
  • 1746-IO8 Digital Input/Output Module

How ICR Tests Allen-Bradley SLC500 Equipment

Allen-Bradley SLC500 Testing Process

  • Thoroughly Clean Unit
  • Test Inputs/Outputs For Each Module
  • PM Aged Components
  • Each Module Undergoes Min. 2 Hour Burn-in Test
Allen Bradley SLC500 Processor Unit

Allen-Bradley SLC 500 Controllers

The SLC 500 controllers offer a wealth of options in memory, I/O capacity, instruction set, and communication ports. The variety allows control system customization to fit any applications requirements. Allen-Bradley boasts that their controllers possess a strong reliability history, which have been installed in a wide range of applications.

Allen-Bradley SLC500 System

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