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Robotic Wrists Repaired by ICR

ABB, Fanuc, Motoman and Kawasaki Robotic Wrists

ICR’s mechanical repair techicians possess a the capabilities to repair a host of mechanical products. They also utilize a diverse set of skills that provide for the ability to repair and refurbish robotic wrists. Crucial to the industrial automation during manufacturing, these parts become mission critical during operation if issues arise. A wide set of industrial applications utilize robots and their robotic wrists including welding like ARC, Spot, MIG and TIG, material handling and part transfers.

ABB IRB-6400 Robot Wrist

How ICR Repairs Robotic Wrists

The ICR repair process always begins with a thorough cleanining to remove any potential containments that may hamper any repairs. An evaluation or inspection may occur, depending on the part or customer account. Then, our Preventive Maintenance program is applied to all repairs and according to part, components deemed to fail or become defective are replaced. The repair techs then replace any bearings, seals and RVs as needed.

Wrist Repair
Fanuc Robotic Wrist

How ICR Tests Robotic Wrists

Prior to any repairs, backlash testing is conducted on all robotic wrists. Repair technicians use dial indicators to measure the amount movement between gears. We then compore those measurements to OEM specifications and during the repair process work to re-align any issues. After the parts have undergone repairs, our technicians run each part through another phase of rigorous testing. We then test each repaired part with OEM robotics equipment to ensure both reliability and longevity.

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The ICR Edge

The finishing touches of a robotic wrist repair at ICR include not only testing but a complete reassembly. During reassembly grease is applied according to OEM specifications. The last part of the process is a full prep and paint work on the wrist to match any OEM colors. As with all of our repairs, ICR guarantees all workmanship on repaired or replaced parts with a one-year warranty.

ABB Robotic Wrist Breakdown

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