Vestas VRCC Power Unit (interior)

ICR Repairs Vestas V47 Wind Turbines

Vestas Cards, Modules and VRCC Units Restored

Wind Turbines operate efficiently, but can take a beating due to normal wear and tear. ICR’s repair capabilities cover a host of industrial equipment, including the parts that power and allow wind turbines to operate. ICR’s electronic repair technicians possess the adept skills needed to restore these crucial parts and ensure wind farms function properly. Refurbished Vestas parts and components repaired by ICR return to customers with a one-year in-service warranty guaranteeing all workmanship.


How ICR Repairs and Tests Vestas V47 Wind Turbine VRCC Units

The Vestas V47 VRCC unit is comprised of three different units which are the resistor, power, and processor. ICR technicians rebuild the resistor unit, including re-welding the spot-welded portions with TIG welders. Our engineers have determined after thousands of successful repairs that the ribbon’s spot-welded portions break and need to be re-welded for longevity. During the re-build, technicians automatically replace the three aluminum electrical lugs and insulators due to these components having a high potential for failure and wear, while performing an ultrasonic cleaning to remove any contaminents. The VRCC Power unit rebuild covers the Snubber, OVP, and DRV circuit boards. We run the unit through PM swapping out high-voltage components with OEM certified replacements. Technicians then replace all current sensors and calibrate the rebuilt circuit boards. The unit is then load tested on our VMP 3500 test system and finally dynamically balanced. The VRCC Processor unit undergoes a similar process, but replacement of bearings and connectors occurs during PM. When rebuilding the unit technicians focus on restoring the internal power supply, processor boards, rotary head, and all LED assemblies. Once technicians finish the rebuild, the unit is system tested and then reassembled for shipment back to the customer.

Vestas CT228 Thyrister Driver for VMP 3500 Test Stand

Supported VRCC Parts

  • Vestas 705100 VRCC Resistor Unit
  • Vestas 705180 VRCC Power Unit
  • Vestas CT 273 VRCC Processor

How ICR Repairs and Tests Vestas V47 Wind Turbine Cards & Modules

ICR rebuilds the cards and modules within the PLC portion of the V47 wind turbine during our repair process. Our technicians take great care to PM all the components within the turbine PLC system replacing them when our data points to their failure rates. Once the PLC cards and modules have been rebuilt technicians then move to the testing phase. They hook up the modules and cards to our test system PLC rack and ensure the units pass. After a successful test, recalibration occurs and finally we reassemble each unit for shipment back to the customer. ICR also provides a value-added service with our in-house manufactured 3-D printed battery box for the VRCC processor unit. The battery box is UL approved as we use self-extinguishing plastic material for safe and efficient operation.

Supported Cards & Modules

  • Vestas CT 3251 Power Control
  • Vestas CT 3503 Processor
  • Vestas CT 3211 Serial
  • ICR 438855 Battery Box
  • Vestas CT 3409 Rack Unit
  • Vestas CT 3133 DC Input
  • Vestas CT 3232 Analog Output
  • Vestas CT 3357 Power Supply
  • Vestas CT 3305 Internal Power
  • Vestas CT 227 Transformer Box
  • Vestas CT 3218 Counter
  • Vestas CT 3220 Analog Input
  • Vestas CT 228 Thyrister Driver
  • Vestas CT 3514 Optical Serial Port
  • Vestas CT 3153 DC Output
  • Vestas CT 3364 External Power
  • Vestas CT 218 Operator Panel
  • Vestas CT 232 Service Terminal
  • Vestas CT 236 Cable
  • Vestas CT 232 Serv. Terminal + Cable
  • Vestas CT 248 Cable

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