Motoman Legacy MRC and ERC Series Robots

Legacy Motoman Robots Repaired by ICR

The pre-Motoman series controllers featured the now defunct Yasnac moniker on a few controllers including the MRC and ERC versions. ICR’s robotics division serves as a Motoman Strategic Partner for integration projects. With the knowledge and expertise derived from the countless completed projects robotic parts repaired by ICR return to customers restored with reliability and longevity in mind. Repaired parts undergo thorough cleaning and painting to return back to production ready to use. Aside from repairing defects, aged and defective components under our preventive maintenance directive are replaced automatically. Enjoy a one-year warranty, guaranteeing all workmanship.

Motoman XRC Controller

ICR’s ERC-K6 Test System

Parts Repaired

  • Yaskawa JZNC-TB24L Teach Pendant
  • Yaskawa JANCD-HA02 Circuit Board
  • Yaskawa JANCD-CP11 PC Board
  • Yaskawa/Fuji CPS-10FB DC Power Supply
  • Yaskawa JANCD-I003E PC Board
  • Yaskawa JANCD-MM13 Memory Board
  • Yaskawa JANCD-MM14 Memory Board
  • Yaskawa JANCD-SV02 PC Board
Motoman SSA2000 Robot

ICR’s MRC-SK6 Test System

Parts Repaired

  • Yaskawa JZNC-MPP20E Teach Pendant
  • Yaskawa JANCD-NTU01 Power Pack
  • Yaskawa SGDC-010101 DrivePack Servo Unit
  • Yaskawa SGDC-050505 DrivePack Servo Unit
  • Yaskawa JZNC-MRK09 Back Plane
  • Yaskawa JANCD-MCP02B Control Board
  • Yaskawa JANCD-MIO04 PC Board
  • Yaskawa JANCD-MCP01 PC Board
  • Yaskawa JANCD-MSV01B PC Board
  • Yaskawa JANCD-MIF01 PC Board
  • Yaskawa JANCD-MRY01B-1 Control Board
Yasnac MRC Controller ENCM-RM6015

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