Vestas CT 6118 Counter Card for CT 6062 Controller

ICR’s Vestas CT 6062 Controller Test System for the V90

In-House Designed and Built Vestas V90 Wind Turbine Test System

Wind Farms across the country in states like Arizona, California and even New Hampshire use wind turbines produced and manufactured by Vestas, especially the V90. The company is one of the leading wind turbine manufacturers globally and trusted by thousands of wind farms to power factories, towns, and cities. ICR’s industry-leading repair services focus on rebuilding and thorough testing. Our repair process ensures remanufactured parts return to customers reliable and ready for the long haul. ICR Services serves as the only third-party repair partner in North America providing support for the Vestas V90 turbine.

Vestas CT 6062 Controller Test System

How ICR Repairs and Tests with our CT 6062 Controller System

First, technicians send all parts thorough our ultrasonic cleaning system to remove all contaminants. Technicians then perform PM or preventive maintenance on any components deemed to be past their prime or have potential for failure. We fix any defects detected during the process and perform any system tests needed to verify the unit is ready for shipment back to the customer to be placed back into production. We also offer a value-added service for the CT 6062 module of the V90 Wind Turbine by upgrading components for the I/O circuits.

Vestas CT 6062 CAN Processor for CT 6062 Controller-min

Supported Vestas V90 Parts

  • Vestas CT 6220 Analog Card
  • Vestas CT 6118 Counter Card
  • Vestas CT 6062 CAN Processor
  • Vestas CT 6137 I/O Card
  • Vestas CT 6221 PT100 Card

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