SEW Eurodrive CMP Series

SEW Eurodrive’s Synchronous Servomotors CMP Series AC Motors

AC Motors from SEW Eurodrive repaired by ICR

Mechanical repair has been a staple of the ICR core repair service since inception. Our mechanical repair technicians lead the industry with extensive knowledge and expertise honed over years within in the industry. Due to this and ICR’s lengthy list of capabilities, SEW Eurodrive entrusts us with repairing their AC motors. As an SEW Eurodrive authorized repair center, customers with these products can rest assured each and every part is returned restored, tested and remanufactured to the highest degree.

SEW Eurodrive CMP Series

The CMP Series from SEW Eurodrive

The powerful CMP Series AC motors perform at a high level, while remaining relatively quiet. These motors operate at all speed levels registering at between 55 and 75 dBA. With a static torque rated at up to 4.75x, which allows these motors to provide a high overload capacity and to get the job done right. The most noteworthy feature would be it’s rather valuable concetricity with how the motor was built and operates. In conclusion, this motor is both noteworthy for it’s performance but also it’s low mass moment of inertia.

Supported AC Motors

  • CMP40S
  • CMP40M
  • CMP50S
  • CMP50M
  • CMP50L
  • CMP63S
  • CMP63M
  • CMP63L
  • CMP71S/CMPZ71S
  • CMP71M/CMPZ71M
  • CMP71L/CMPZ71L
  • CMP80S/CMPZ80S
  • CMP80M/CMPZ80M
  • CMP80L/CMPZ80L
  • CMP100S/CMPZ100S
  • CMP100M/CMPZ100M
  • CMP100L/CMPZ100L

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