Yamaha YK400X SCARA RobotTest Stand

Yamaha YK400X SCARA Robot Repair

ICR’s Robotic Technicians Repair Yamaha Robotics

Replaced by the current generation Yamaha YK400XR, the legacy YK400X SCARA robot can still be found within more complex manufacturing facilities. Intelligent, nimble and able to handle advanced programming, Yamaha SCARA Robots play a pivotal role within any applications involving assembly, part transfer, or even the sealing of small components. ICR’s robotics technicians repair Yamaha robot parts effectively, certifying all repairs with state-of-the-art testing procedures. We back our repairs with a 12-month in-service warranty.

Supported Parts

  • Yamaha RCX142 Controller
  • Yamaha MPB-125 Teach Pendant
  • Yamaha YK400X Robot

How we repair and test Yamaha Robotic Parts

A bath and a wash of ultrasonic cleaning materials help eliminate potential contaniments and set-up parts for a thorough repair. Next, technicians PM aged components on any Power Supply and Power Amplifier cards. Then, technicians work on fixing any defects noted during the cleaning phase. Lastly, testing commences on the controller for repeatability and thermal failures. If parts pass all of the testing procedures, they are immediately sent to our shipping and receiving department to prepare for transport back to our customers.

Yamaha YK400X SCARA RobotTest Stand

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