GE’s UCSA-H1A Mark VIe Processor

ICR supports GE 1.5 and 1.6 ESS Wind Turbines

The GE Mark VIe Processor operates within a platform known for its flexibility to handle multiple applications. Through the Mark VIe Distributed Control system, the processor allows high-speed data to flow within a controlled network and allows a multitude of systems to run efficiently. ICR’s customers utilize this important part of their sites dedicated to the wind and renewable energy. Our wind energy customers trust the technology and availability of GE Wind Turbines including the 1.5 XLE and 1.6 XLE series.

How we refurbish GE’s Mark VIe Processor

When wind farms across the globe send their Mark VIe Processor’s in for repair to ICR each unit leaves our facilities refurbished and in almost brand-new condition. Our refurbishment process begins with an ultra-sonic cleaning to remove all potential contaminants. Then each unit is disassembled and technicians replace any aged or failed components within. We then fix any detected defects and perform any PM work to finish off the refurbishment. After the unit is reassembled, technicians perform a system test with our in-house designed and built testing system.

Where to find the Mark VIe Processor

Supported Applications

  • Wind Farms – Global
  • GE 1.5 ESS Wind Turbines
  • GE 1.6 ESS Wind Turbines
  • Gas and Steam Turbines
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG)
  • Blowout Preventers (BOP)
GE Mark VIe Processor

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