Renewing Vestas and GE Turbine Life with Intelligent Engineering

Superior Vestas and GE Turbine Support

ICR Services provides intelligent engineering paired with precision electronic and mechanical repair to restore the critical control system parts within Vestas and GE wind turbines. Intelligent engineering at ICR delivers unparalleled turbine control system support with in-house designed and built specialized testing equipment. With our GE Mark VIe UCSA Processor and Vestas V90 CT 6062 controller testing systems, ICR serves as the lone repair partner supporting the OEM’s critical parts.

Renewing the GE Mark VIe Processor

The GE Mark VIe Processor operates within a platform known for its flexibility to handle multiple applications. Through the Mark VIe Distributed Control system, the processor allows high-speed data to flow within a controlled network and allows a multitude of systems to run efficiently including wind turbines. When wind farms across the globe send their Mark VIe Processor’s in for repair to ICR each unit leaves our facilities refurbished and in a near new condition. Our refurbishment process begins with an ultra-sonic cleaning to remove all potential contaminants. Then each unit is disassembled and technicians replace any aged or failed components within. We then fix any detected defects and perform any PM work to finish off the refurbishment. After the unit is reassembled, technicians perform a system test with our in-house designed and built testing system.

Vestas V90 Restoration

Renewing Vestas V90 turbine life follows a similar procedure as the GE Mark VIe Processor. ICR stands alone as the only repair partner to offer a value-added service for the CT 6062 module of the V90 Wind Turbine by upgrading components for the I/O circuits. Aside from the preventative maintenance protocols established for restoring these parts, ICR engineering unit determined our all-in-one repair process to be superior. ICR’s technicians focus on renewing each and every part by replacing critical components before they fail. We stand by our ability to restore each repaired part back to their original OEM specifications to work and operate as originally intended.

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