Authorized repairs for Nachi’s CFD Controller

Experienced, authorized, quality Nachi repairs

ICR serves as the authorized repair center for all of Nachi’s robotic parts, but is the exclusive repair facility for the CFD controller. We earned this distinction based on a long-standing relationship with Nachi that has grown over the years. ICR also serves as an authorized integrator for automation projects using new, used or refurbished Nachi robots. Customers of ICR can utilize the diverse set of capabilities covering Nachi robotic products and the critical components that power them.

What is the CFD Controller?

Nachi released a series of small robots with the MZ07 robot arm in 2013 aimed at offering a simplified way of routing hoses, and cables within applications like material handling. Accompanying the ultra high-speed arm was a controller with a substantially reduced size called the Compact-FD (CFD) controller. Nachi built this condensed robot controller based on the full size sibling FD11 controller with a goal of allowing installation without the need to access commercial grade power.

How does ICR repair CFD Controller parts?

Nachi robotic parts that undergo ICR’s repair process follow strict quality standards. First, each part passes through our ultrasonic cleaning procedure. Next, technicians replace all defective components. We then finish the refurbishment of the Nachi part with a system test using our in-house CFD controller and MZ07L robot.

Nachi CFDTP-10-04M Teach Pendant

Nachi CFD Controller Parts Repaired by ICR

  • NMB 08025MB-B2L-AA-00 AC Fan Unit
  • Nachi CFDTP-10-04M Smart Teach Pendant
  • Nachi MINITP-10-04M Compact Teach Pendant
  • Nachi UM388 FDCPU10-20 CPU Board
  • Nachi UM375-2 Gate Control Board
  • Nachi UM375-1 PN Board
  • NMB 11925PB-B2K-EA-00 AC Fan Unit
  • Nachi JH01G Power Supply Unit
  • Nachi UM377 Brake Power Supply Board
  • Nachi UM356-10 Digital I/O Board
  • Nachi UM381-10 Digital I/O Board
  • Nachi Q80BD-J61BT11N CC-Link Board
  • Nachi UM375-3 Gate Control Board
  • Nachi UM352 Sequence Board
  • Nachi UM351 Servo CPU Board
  • Nachi UM378-10 Mini I/O Board
  • Nachi UM378-20 Mini I/O Board
  • Nachi FDCPU10-10 CPU Board
  • Nachi UM236-10 Fieldbus Board
  • Nachi AB4392 PROFINET Board
  • Nachi UM376 Riser Board
  • Nachi AB5057 & AB4173 EtherNet/IP Board
  • Nachi ABM-DPV1 & AB4005 PROFIBUS Board
  • Nachi FL-PCI/V2-100 FL-net (OPCN2) Board
  • Nachi AB5021 & AB4004 DeviceNet Board

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