Mitsubish MDS-B-V1-70 Servo Drive Unit View

MDS Series Mitsubishi Servo/Spindle Drives, Motors and Power Supply Units

Mitsubishi’s MDS Series

Drives, Motors and Power Supply units

Mitsubishi Electric released the MDS Series of Servo and Spindle parts during the early 90’s and at the time, these parts were the first AC digital drives with a common DC bus. The advantages these drives offered centered around power sharing and generating to achieve better efficiency during operation. While these servo and spindle units can be found throughout manufacturing plants world-wide, they were discontinued by Mitsubishi in 2004. ICR Services is the perfect partner to support and keep MDS series units working efficiently and operating according to the original OEM specifications.

Mitsubish MDS-B-V1-70 Servo Drive Unit

Repairing Mitsubishi Servo and Spindle Motors

ICR motor technicians begin the repair process for Mitsubishi motors with a thorough cleaning for both servo and spindle motors. If they are working on spindle motors, they’ll conduct a rewind on the motor. Servo motor repair differs a bit with technicians synchornizing the encoder of each motor. Both servo and spindle motors have all of their connectors replaced. The final step in the process for both types of motors involves a full rebuild. Our full rebuild to fix mechanical defects focuses on the bearings, seals, shafts, windings and other critical components.

Mitsubishi MDS-A,B,C Test Stand

Repairing Mitsubishi Drives and Power Supplies

the repair process for Mitsubishi drives and power supplies focuses on replacement of critical compoments. ICR electronic technicans remove and install new fans, capacitors, power components like transisters, rectifiers, and pre-drivers, communication IC’s and connectors. We’ve been repairing these electronic devices for so long, that our data-driven processes focus on refurbishing units, rather than just repairing issues.

Mitsubishi MDS-B-V1-70 Servo Drive Unit & MDS-C1-V2-3535 Servo Drive Unit View

Testing Mitsubishi Motors, Drives and Power Supplies

After Mitsubishi parts undergo refurbishment, technicians check their work with extensive testing. We utilize the data we’ve collected over the years to build out competent testing units through our engineering department. The Mitsubihi MDS-A/B/C paired with our Mazak Mazatrol M+ Controller unit offer close-true operating conditions. We build our testing units to ensure each unit we send back to our customers will work upon install and provide stability during production.

Mazak Mazatrol M+ Control

Mitsubishi MDS Series Drives

  • MDS-A-V1/V2 Series 1-Axis & 2-Axis Servo Drive Unit
  • MDS-A-SVJ Series Servo Drive Unit
  • MDS-B-SVJ2 Series Servo Drive Unit
  • MDS-B-V1/V14/V2/V24 Series 1-Axis & 2-Axis Servo Drive Unit
  • MDS-C1-V1/V2 Series 1-Axis & 2-Axis Servo Drive Unit
  • MDS-A-SP/SPA Series Spindle Drive Unit
  • MDS-A-SPJ Series Spindle Drive Unit
  • MDS-A-CSP Series Spindle Drive Unit
  • MDS-B-SPJ2 Series Spindle Drive Unit
  • MDS-B-SP/SPA/SPH/SPM/SPX Series Spindle Drive Unit
  • MDS-C1-SP/SPA/SPM/SPX Series Spindle Drive Unit

Mitsubishi MDS Series Motors

  • SJ Series AC Spindle Motor
  • HC Series AC Servo Motors
  • HC_R Series AC Servo Motors
  • HA_N Series AC Servo Motors
  • HA_L Series AC Servo Motors
  • HA-LH_SI Series AC Servo Motors
  • HA-FF Series AC Servo Motors
  • HC-MF Series AC Servo Motors
  • HA-FE Series AC Servo Motors
  • HA-FH Series AC Servo Motors

Mitsubishi MDS Series Power Supplies and Boards

  • MDS-A-CV Series Power Supply Unit
  • MDS-B-CV Series Power Supply Unit
  • MDS-C1-CV Series Power Supply Unit
  • QX084 Power Supply Unit
  • C2N624A012A HTC T.U Board
  • FCA5335MWY Numerical Control System
  • QX141 CPU Board
  • CRT-12A-VXC (Totoku MDT-1283-02) CRT Unit
  • QX521 COM Board
  • 4YZ207B-3 (QY901A & QY901) Operation Board
  • QX539 I/O Board
  • 4YZ11B-3 (QY904A) Operation Board

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