Siemens PLC Repair - S7-300 PLC

Siemens PLC Repair

Siemens PLCs Repaired Effectively

Products manufactured by Siemens operate within manufacturing operations throughout a wide range of industries. Manufacturers rely on Siemens branded PLCs for their technology and efficient engineering. ICR’s PLC repair technicians boast decades of experiences restoring these crucial units. Learn how ICR can support your Siemens PLC systems and contact us today!

Siemens PLC Repair - S7-300 PLC

Siemens Series PLCs






Siemens PLC Repair and Testing

Determining Failure
Prior to repair, we use Siemens PLC software when testing each unit to ensure accuracy and pinpoint failure.
Family Rack System Testing
ICR technicians connect repaired Siemens PLCs to the family rack system to ensure compatibility and proper communications throughout our testing procedure.
Trap Style Testing Software
We run each Siemens PLC with our trap style testing. We use this test to mimic a transmission and distribution system.
Custom built with OEM equipment
Each repaired Siemens PLC unit is tested with OEM equipment.
Siemens PLC Repair - S7-200 Test Stand