Servo Motor Repair Process

The Servo Motor Repair Process Explained An Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Look at ICR Service’s Motor Lab in Warren, MI Breaking down the servo motor repair process in 7 easy and straight to the point steps. It’s the next best thing to being there in person although you can do that too. 1. EVALUATION We take data…Read more

Bring New Life to Used Electromagnetic Brakes

Alternative Solution to Your Motor Brake Problem Each electromagnetic brake remanufactured by ICR Services – whether spring activated or magnetically activated – is designed and tested to provide the necessary amount of holding torque. Every motor brake rebuild ensures smooth and even contact, which is vital to lessen metal-to-metal wear: without this, you risk performance…Read more

What Even is Stall Torque

Last week I had the opportunity to sit down with Clint Switzer – Product Development Engineer, ICR Services to discuss stall torque and what it means to your production. This is the transcript from our conversation. Happy reading! Torque is a familiar word to most in the manufacturing sector and especially the engineering profession but…Read more