ABB M2000 robots refurbished

ICR refurbishes the ABB IRB6400 M2000 Robot and S4C+ Controller Known as a leading supplier of industrial robots and modular manufacturing systems, ABB Group has installed more than 250,000 robots worldwide. With a large amount of used ABB industrial robots available throughout various marketplaces, purchasing a new robot doesn’t always have to be the case….Read more

Servo Motors vs DC Motors

The determination Since the early 1960’s Brushless DC motors have grown in popularity due to the increased efficiency and a much lower susceptibility to wear and tear. Spindle drives, industrial pumps, and fans utilize the Brushless DC Motors the most as they work quite well in an automated setting. As factories transition towards full automation the…Read more

Fanuc’s S-430iW Robot

Fanuc S-430iW Robot Test System featuring the RJ3 Controller ICR recommends and sells the S-430iW paired with the Fanuc R-J3 controller. As a third generation controller, the R-J3 is a reliable piece of equipment that features an open architecture system. System integration becomes simplified from this end, which allows for improved performance and handling. ICR technicians…Read more

Feature Story on ICR

ICR featured in Business in Focus magazine ICR was featured in June 2015’s edition of Business in Focus magazine. The article focused on the early days of ICR and how the company came to be along with challenges, and successes attained along the way. The feature story shows the power and experience of ICR’s overall…Read more

What is Industrial Automation?

Automation has already arrived A mechanical device, operated electronically, that functions automatically and without continuous input from an operator defines Automation by Expanding on Automation brings into focus industrial automation. The “making of products under the control of computers and programmable controllers” explains the term. PC Mag defines the process further and provides an…Read more

Modicon PLCs Repaired

Modicon Invented the PLC The first programmable logic controller or PLC developed by Modicon debuted in 1968. A PLC is a digital computer located and used throughout an automated manufacturing facility. Modicon has since gone through several different owners over the years and now resides under the SchneiderElectric brand name. As a leader in the…Read more