Feature Story on ICR

ICR featured in Business in Focus magazine ICR was featured in June 2015’s edition of Business in Focus magazine. The article focused on the early days of ICR and how the company came to be along with challenges, and successes attained along the way. The feature story shows the power and experience of ICR’s overall…Read more

What is Industrial Automation?

Automation has already arrived A mechanical device, operated electronically, that functions automatically and without continuous input from an operator defines Automation by Dictionary.com. Expanding on Automation brings into focus industrial automation. The “making of products under the control of computers and programmable controllers” explains the term. PC Mag defines the process further and provides an…Read more

Modicon PLCs Repaired

Modicon Invented the PLC The first programmable logic controller or PLC developed by Modicon debuted in 1968. A PLC is a digital computer located and used throughout an automated manufacturing facility. Modicon has since gone through several different owners over the years and now resides under the SchneiderElectric brand name. As a leader in the…Read more

The Fanuc 21TB CNC System

How we repair the Fanuc 21TB CNC Controls The Fanuc 21-TB CNC Machine is a legacy device throughout power-train plants operating a variety of machining applications. ICR repairs and verifies the Fanuc 21TB CNC machine utilizing in-house testing equipment developed by our in-house engineering division. Our equipment allows repairs technicians to verify all repairs of…Read more

Repairing vs Replacing Servo Motors

Do you repair or replace a servo motor when it fails? When a servo motor fails, it could be due to a variety of reasons. After the failure, the engine will usually produce an intense vibration, or a knocking sound echo throughout. When this happens at a plant, production grinds to a halt, downtime sends…Read more

Connecting Industrial Automation

The internet of things, industrial automation and Ethernet connections The Internet of Things. Have you heard the phrase before? Add the word Industrial and the buzzword has entered the lexicon of those within the industrial automation industry. TechTarget.com defines it as: The Internet of Things (IoT) is a scenario in which objects, animals or people…Read more