Dyno Test Area Industrial Electronic Repair and Servo Motor Repair

The Dyno System

The Next Generation of Testing Has Landed

Saving Production Lines Near You

The breakthrough the industry needed just arrived. A testing revolution seven years in the making is now complete.

Repairs shouldn’t be complicated. And at ICR Services, we know fail-on-install just gets in the way. Let’s change that. Introducing the Dyno System – a new way to test your industrial drives and motors.

Servo or Spindle? Take Your Pick

A servo is drastically different than that of a spindle. The servo requires testing at maximum torque and amperage at zero speed whereas a spindle requires maximum torque and amperage at full speed. Good news, we do both.

The Recreation of Real-world Conditions

Create testing profiles and make on the fly torque, speed and amperage adjustments to mimic real-world conditions – just like the plant floor.

Servo Motor Full Load Testing Using Dynamometer

Understand the Current Situation

Know how each unit sends and receives current with extremely precise Rogowski coils with micro amperage deviation detection for better insights.

Dyno Testing Controls Cabinet

A Dyno System with Countless Combinations

An independent system design allows for the testing of current and legacy models from a multitude of OEMs – including Fanuc, Yaskawa, Indramat, Allen-Bradley, Rexroth, Siemens and Mitsubishi.

Dyno Test System Specs

Built with Flexibility in Mind

The interaction between two motors working in opposite directions creates the necessary load while proprietary software works behind the scenes to give the dyno operator total control over each variable.

Built with Flexibility in Mind

Unprecedented Test Reports

See how the unit underwent testing without having to be there yourself. Easily visualize everything from rotational changes and torque adjustments to how the unit responded at stall with the most advanced dyno test report on the market today.

Dynamometer Test Report Showing RPM and Torque Curves

What Even is Stall Torque?

Don’t leave yourself an easy target for to things like fail-on-install and premature failures. Better understand stall torque and what it means to your production.

Learn More
What is Stall Torque

Stop the Failures

Ready to bring more certainty to your operations and make dead-on-arrival obsolete? By getting your servo drives, spindle drives, servo motors, spindle motors and power supply units dyno tested – you get protection and assurance it’s going to work the first time.

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