Robot Integration - Machine Tending

Machine Tending Robotic Cells

Re-allocate resources with automation

Machine tending refers to the process of supervising a piece of equipment while it’s performing a task for an application. Because machine tending can be dismal, hazardous work that requires high levels of consistency, industrial robots are well suited to perform the task. Robot machine tending allows workers to be clear from such hazardous, life-threatening work while raising the plant’s safety levels. Robots can tend to a wide variety of devices, from presses and shears to injunction molding machines, providing a cost-effective form of increased productivity and decreased plant downtime.
Robot Integration - Machine Tending

The ICR Advantage

ICR’s robotic repair technicians possess decades of experience refurbishing machine tending robots. Engineers utilize these types of robots for integration projects of all sizes. If your new robotic integration project calls for machine tending robotic cells, call or request a quote from a ICR robotic engineer today using the form below.

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