New Testing Capability: Wirtz Anafaze

The New Wirtz/Watlow Castmaster Anafaze Testing and Repair Capability

The Wirtz Castmaster 2000 is a modular monitoring system used in lead acid battery manufacturing. Able to function as a standalone system, the Castmaster features a display and touch keypad to enter parameters. The technology was developed by Anafaze in the early 2000s and bought by Watlow shortly after. However, in 2010, Watlow stopped supporting repairs for the Castmaster 2000, and many customers were left without support.

After one of our clients asked us to repair some units for them, we jumped at the opportunity to add a new testing capability and quickly created a Wirtz test fixture. While frequently referred to as legacy machinery, the Castmaster 2000 is used by various companies and still needs support. Because of this, we are proud to add it to our ever-growing list of repair capabilities!

When Issues Come Up, Repair is a Great Option

When we repair anything, we always start with thoroughly inspecting and cleaning the units. Components known to fail are tested and replaced, and then the unit is tested again to ensure that no other components are failing. After extensive testing, the unit is sent back to the customer protected by a 1-year in-service warranty.

Components that we can repair:

-Relay Boards
-Main Blocks
-Analog Boards
-Connector Boards

We love having the flexibility to add new repair capabilities whenever we see the need. Everyone on our team understands that improvement and quality are the two main pillars of our service, and it makes us unique.

On top of that, we want to create the best possible relationship with our clients, and the best way to do that is to help solve their issues. In this situation, we were able to offer our client a thorough and reliable solution that they could not find anywhere else.

If you are struggling to find a repair or replacement solution for your equipment, reach out to us and see if we can produce a solution for you.

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