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Marketplace rising to $44B by 2020?

The marketplace for Industrial Robotics to hit $44B by 2020

Product, Design and Development a publication geared toward design engineers, reported on how the Industrial Robotics market will continue to expand and grow steadily in the years to come. The magazine cited a report from U.S. market intelligence firm Transparency Market Research. The firm forecasts the industrial robotics market value to reach $44.4 billion by 2020.

PDD reports that in 2013, the market had a value of $28.9 billion in 2013. The research report points toward market improvement for industrial robotics occurring if a compound annual growth rate of 6.2% is reached each year until 2020. Asia Pacific has been tabbed to grow at a higher rate that other regions due to their research and development infrastructure growth in Japan, Australia, China, and India. Small and medium enterprises (SME’s) are expected to contribute the most to the growth, as more and more refurbished industrial robotics flood the marketplace.

Refurbished industrial robotics offers a vast amount of benefits. ICR’s refurbishment process starts with an inspection. ICR has extensive experience and the capabilities to re-purpose industrial robotic systems. When robots undergo our rebuilding process, they are sent through a thorough inspection to ensure the robot returns to near-mint condition. Next, reconditioning occurs as technicians handle industrial robotics with precision care throughout the process.

While reconditioning, disassembly of the robot is performed along with purging and replacing the grease. Technicians remove paint and regrease balancers, RV reducers, bushings, and gearboxes for reliability. Then, if necessary, technicians will replace any and all seals. If any external components are found to have faults, those are repaired or replaced.

Finally, the rebuild occurs with a fresh coat of paint, reassembly of the robot and a wipe/re-install of programming. Testing also occurs at this point. First, a reboot is conducted and then a primary operational test of robotic functions runs through its process. During this test phase, payload, repeatability and range of motion are also tested.

Once all testing has concluded, and the robot is deemed certified to OEM specifications, the robot is put up for sale in our marketplace. ICR offers a variety of services around the delivery of the robot to the production line. Our Field Services team can deploy your robot into production, safely and securely. The team can also install and train any employees on basic programming, troubleshooting or custom-tailored operations.

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