Wind Turbines

Vestas Repair Options

Wind turbine controls repaired and restored

ICR technicians possess decades of experience fixing the critical electronic, hydraulic, and precision mechanical components that make up each wind turbine and, after taking note of emerging Wind Energy trends, ICR began developing wind turbine repair and refurbishment processes to assist with equipment breakdowns. Repairing and refurbishing these crucial parts can save an upwards of 40-70%, compared with the cost of purchasing new components.

Turbine Retrofit Solution

Supported Wind Turbines

  • Vestas V27
  • Vestas V39
  • Vestas V44
  • Vestas V47
  • Vestas V80
  • Vestas V90
  • GE Energy 1.5 ESS
  • GE Energy 1.5 SLE
  • GE Energy 1.5 XLE
  • GE Energy 1.6 ESS
  • GE Energy 1.6 SLE
  • GE Energy 1.6 XLE
  • GE Energy 1.7 ESS
  • GE Energy 1.7 SLE
  • GE Energy 1.7 XLE

Mita-Teknik Wind Turbine Retrofit Provider

ICR Services is the NAFTA and South Africa provider of Mita-Teknik retrofit solutions. Along with preventive maintenance repair capabilities, ICR can provide cost-savings with retrofitting existing legacy Vestas wind turbines with their technology. All of their solutions are custom-made to fit a customer’s current setup. Along with retrofit solutions, ICR also serves as Mita-Teknik’s repair and service partner for NAFTA and South Africa.

Expanding markets require maintenance

Renewable energy use has elevated in the last few decades as industries look to diversify their power sources. Wind Energy use, in particular, grows exponentially on a yearly basis. The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) has stated that American wind power will double by 2020 with an estimated $23 billion of possible investment in new wind farms. Emerging markets such as Africa and Latin America have also shown wind energy growth as documented by the Global Wind Energy Council.

Vestas Cotas Wind Turbine Parts