FANUC Robot Preventative Maintenance & Controller Preventative Maintenance

Robot Preventative Maintenance

Prolong Robot Life-Cycles with Robot PM

Manufacturers recommend robot preventative maintenance because of their heavy usage and the harsh environments they operate within. Our expert field service teams employ robotic technicians and engineers equipped to maintain your industrial robots on-site.
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The Industry Norm

Robot PM is recommended every so often to avoid more serious failures later in the product life-cycle. Heavy usage and harsh operating conditions have a negative impact on all types of robot manipulators and controllers – from the 35 kg dispensing robots all the way up to the 2800 kg part transfer robots. Industrial robot manufacturers (FANUC, ABB, Yaskawa Motoman, KUKA, Kawasaki, etc.) recommend following a predetermined checklist to ensure proper mechanical and electronic functioning. The checklist – which is based on operating hours or a preset schedule – provide technicians with an outline on what must be inspected and taken care of. For example, the popular Fanuc R-2000iA series of robots require grease replacement every 3 years or 11,520 hours.

Beyond the Checklist

ICR preventive maintenance plans include OEM recommended maintenance, plus additional checks to keep your equipment operating with maximum efficiency. Additional inspection areas and times will be adjusted according to the robots working conditions and environment. The following benefits are provided through ICR’s robot preventative maintenance program and completed per OEM specifications. All programs include the following: purging & replacing of lubricants, reducers, and gearboxes; verification of zero position mastering; mechanical wear & damage inspection; and battery replacement.

On-Site Service

Take preventive measures to maximize efficiencies and prolong the life-cycle of your equipment with ICR’s robot preventative maintenance program. Service is available regionally in the United States and Canada with select service options in Mexico and South Africa.
Global Locations

Robot Preventative Maintenance Programs Offered

Robot Controller

  • Blowout/vacuum control cabinet
  • Cleaning and inspection of ventilation/fan unit
  • Cleaning and inspection of transformer compartment
  • Replacing the filter, if applicable
  • Replacement of the battery

Robot Manipulator

  • Replacement of the axis reducer and gear box grease
  • Greasing the axis cross roller bearings, bushings, and joint bearings
  • Checking for defective seals and oil leaks
  • Replacement of the battery pack

Additional Services

  • Wiping down robots and cabinets
  • Inspecting cables and connectors for damage
  • Re-seating all internal and external cables
  • Cleaning the teach pendant + cable
  • Tightening all internal connections