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Robotic Programming

Robotic Programming Services offered by ICR

ICR’s robotic programming offering from our Field Service division offers a variety of robotic programming service. We can provide on-site programming for new, used or refurbished robots or integration projects purchased from ICR. In addition, we can also send our field service robotic engineers to provide cycle time optimization along with custom programming for current robotics within your facility for individual or multiple user sets.

Robotic Component Repair Services

Robotic Programming Services

Application Enhancements

    In addition to our integration services our field service robotic engineers can provide programming enhancements. ICR robotic service engineers regularly cross train on a variety of robots, including Fanuc, ABB and Yaskawa Motoman, and simulate their capabilities within select group of applications listed below.

    • Material Handling
    • Machine Tending
    • Resistance Welding Cells
    • MIG Welding Cells
    • Arc Welding Cells
    • Palletizing
    • Deburring

Cycle Time Optimization

    Manufacturing facilities operate to meet production demand and rely on strict adherence to schedules. If a production line goes down than profitability will suffer. Most manufacturing facilities rely on automated control systems and industrial robots to power their productivity and increase their bottom line. Production cycle time and establishing continuity plays a crucial throughout any plant or facility. ICR’s field service robotic engineers are adept at optimizing cycle times through customized programming. Reduce waste, boost productivity and increase reliability with customized cycle time optimization programs.