Fanuc A06B-6100-H003 Servo Amplifier

Fanuc Drives and Motors Repaired Effectively

Fanuc Powermate CNC Testing System

ICR repair technicians provide solutions for a host of Fanuc parts including servo drives, servo motors, servo amps and power supplies. Fanuc’s A06B series of power supplies, spindle and servo amps, spindle and servo motors and spindle and servo drives repaired by ICR undergo an extensive process. Once an item has been cleaned, run through our PM directive that replaces defective components and repaired, technicians switch to verification and testing. They utilize our in-house developed Fanuc Powermate CNC Control testing system to verify each repaired part has passed our tests for both reliability and longevity during use.

Fanuc CNC Powermate

Fanuc Parts Repaired by ICR

Supported Parts

  • Fanuc A16B-2201-0101/04A Memory Card
  • Fanuc A16B-1212-0220 I/O Board
  • Fanuc A02B-0098-B511 Backplane
  • Fanuc A16B-1211-0850-01 Power Unit
  • Fanuc A02B-0092-C042 Operator Panel
  • Fanuc A02B-0092-C141 Operator Panel
  • Fanuc A14B-0076-B001 Input Unit
Fanuc Drives

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