Condition Monitoring

Predictive Maintenance

Predicting production downtime can be an ardous task and if not monitored properly could result in a negative impact on overall profitiability. It’s important to monitor for any unexpected faults or unplanned maintenance. The locations of wind turbines often end up in remote locations with harsh, ever-changing weather conditions. It’s crucial to detect faulty equipment through condition monitoring in order for timely planned service and to provide maintenance during optimal timeframes.


Benefits of Condition Monitoring

Serving as the cornerstone of Mita-Teknik’s condition monitoring system is vibration analysis. Monitoring through vibration analysis allows the control system to determine and precisely pinpoint the defected parts, like the gearbox. The system applies an updated predictive maintenance strategy, utilizing state-of-the-art sensors and algorithms. Reducing equipmentment run-to-failure situations effectively and following a pattern of predictive maintenance will providing improvement in overall performance of all wind turbines using Mita-Teknik ICR systems.

Key Benefits

  • Powerful hardware built to last
  • MiScout SCADA System Integration
  • Strong communication signal quality and connectivity
  • GL Certified
  • Tested and proven monitoring algorithms
  • Third-party control system integration options
  • Flexible setup and extensions for auxiliary sensors