Grid Connection System

Advanced Grid Connection System

Mita-Teknik/ICR understands the critical demands of the power grid and connecting turbines efficiently is of the utmost importance. Developed in-house, Mita-Teknik’s WP4060 Grid Connection module was built for soft connection of asynchronous wind turbine generators to any power grid. The entire grid connection process before, during and after the synchronous point runs smoothly with effective current control powered by the WP4060 module. Mita-Teknik/ICR believes in the soft connection principle, which guides their efforts to ensure a reduction in net disturbances to retrofitted turbines. Furthermore, with a few configuration for both strong and weak net conditions tweaks, wind turbine wear and the controlled connection can be substantially reduced.


  • Soft Connection of Generators to the Power Grid
  • Effective Current Control before, during and after the Synchronous Point
  • Extend Gearbox Lifecycle
  • Drive Train Load Reducation